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How To Remove or Replace A Cylinder On A Virtu/Stealth Chair

In This Video, we explain how to remove or replace a Virtu or Stealth Chair Cylinder in the most effective easy way to avoid struggling or damage to the chair.

This Can be Done with any of Stealth Chairs for removal or replacement of the cylinder to adjust for the size of the cylinder height, add a foot ring or standard replacement due to worn out and to make it easy to travel package.

How To Adjust Your Stealth Back Rest

n Todays Video We show you how to repair the Stealth And ErgoLab Executive backrest if it is tilted or not adjusting properly.

The Backrest is a simple patented design that is made to flow with the user and sometimes can misalign during shipping or falling.

This video shows how to take the retaining clips out and repair the chair back to new condition.

This works for all stealth and ergolab chairs

Stealth Bushing Repair

Today's video shows how to repair stealth and Ergolab chair bushings.
These bushings do wear out over the years and sometimes can break. This is to help with the longevity of the seating.

Stealth Chair Footring Locking Mechanism

Here we Show you how to adjust your foot ring and make it lock up and or reposition to what you need.

What make Ergolab And Stealth Chairs Different.

When it comes to ergonomic chairs there is a lot of different chairs, companies, and not enough research out there to make an informed decision.

With Eroglab we did research since 1983 and have patented technology that is proven to make the most ergonomic chair on the market.

What makes it different?
We build it to your height and weight!

How To Change The Lever On Stealth Chairs

This Video shows Steve Knight changing a lever on a stealth or ergolab chair. The process may be needed for changing a lever after years of use.