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Meet the next generation in Sound production seating

Like nothing ever before.

Powerful Technology

Unique flexing properties of a high-strength fiber-reinforced frame, combined with the precise variable tensioning of a mesh support system.

Geared Towards You

The Stealth standard chair's support system rolls with you as you move, providing improved support without any harsh pressure on your body.

Ergonomic Charging

With A perfect ergonomic system that adapts to all your sound and lighting environments combined with proper ergonomics to let you do what you love, longer.

Audio Complex Designed

Made by the people who do music for the music industry. Carefully crafted for weight and size to last a career in the harshest environments.

Change the way sitting feels.

Stealth Chairs Are designed for those in the music industry whether it be in a music studio, On tour, Or on stage, The Stealth Patented technology will let you do what you love, Longer.

Welcome to Elevated Seating. The Next Sound you should hear is your Back Thanking you.

Zen Wave Technology

The perfect balance between comfort and performance,A chair that moves with you, not against you. Take The Quiz to see what Stealth Chair is right for you.

Signature Zen Wave Technology

Our exclusive, ergonomically correct designs provide unparalleled support to professionals like yourself. Support that promotes proper posture during both resting and working activities, helps minimize fatigue, reduces chronic back, neck, and arm pain and increases circulation to the legs. All of which help you perform at your best.