Why Stealth Chairs is the best for people in the music industry

Why Stealth Chairs is the best for people in the music industry

Stealth Chairs designed was founded on basic principles of ergonomics, durability, comfort and ease of use.

When it comes to the music industry a chair was usually a bar stool, cheap plastic chair, or whatever you could find that could support you either on a stage lighting console or in a studio playing a instrument or while mixing.

To better understand the uses of stealth chairs you have to understand the user.

People in the music industry tend to sit or stand for long periods of time either mixing, playing, adjusting sound and lighting or sitting at a desk. They are usually leaning forward while in a standard seat or bar stool hunched over with no support on the lower back and creating additional pressure on the legs, hips and lower part of the vertebrae and causing or aiding to back pain.

Stealth chairs started in the early 90's working with sound engineers like Carl tatz, and others finding a seat that would provide support, was durable, but served multiple purposes across the industry. This meant a chair needed to have multiple height ranges to support the user based on size, weight and function. It also needed to be strong enough created from components that would last, have supportive angles towards the work station and eliminate the back pressure. 

If you notice Stealth Chairs come in standard and Pro. The name may sound like pro is for professional people in the music industry however this is not the case. The Pro has a larger seat, comes with larger casters because it was designed for users in the music industry that were over 200 lbs and or over 5' 8" tall. This still seems to be the case that most sound and lighting engineers are generally taller or heavier than average due to the heavy equipment that they lug around like speakers, consoles and boxes that store this equipment that weigh over 100 lbs in most cases.  These ergonomic chairs due to the durability, comfort and range of adjustments became almost a standard due to the height you could be at and still feel stable, pushed forward towards the console and relieve pressure on the back. 

The Standard Stealth designed for audio and music engineers was designed for users under 6' 2" and under 200 lbs. Reason being with its smaller seat it kept that user comfortable for longer by having less room and at a angle that promotes healthy circulation. This standard audio engineer chair comes with the same 2 cylinders for multiple heights but has hard floor casters so that in any sound studio you do not mark or hurt the surface floor that it moves around on. 

The ergonomics of stealth are patented due to its zenwave technology. It is the first and only chair out there that gives the user support by moving with the user when they move back and forth. This happens due to the technology of the seat pan itself. While the user moves in a recline or decline position the seat pushes more into that position with no strain and creating a free range movement that promotes healthy circulation in the lower back and legs so the user can do what he or she loves longer.

Each chair comes with two cylinders that give any user in the sound industry the perfect height at any work station. Since most music and lighting work areas will range in height based on console, lighting and controls the stealth keeps the user at that height comfortably and safely. 

Why no back with a headrest?

Most users in the music industry whether working on stage, in a studio or anywhere else are not using a reclining position. The stealth chair is designed to promote effective task work without being in the way as well. This required thinking of a back rest that gave proper lumber support in a range of motions that people could play instruments, move from side to side and or see behind them for directions from producers and or artists. All though a recliner style chair may seem nice but being too comfortable also decreases energy levels and task production. Users that are sitting in a healthy ergonomic position generally produce more work due to being in a incline position with feet properly on a foot ring or floor giving more breathing room and circulation to the users body.

The Stealth Chair is the best for the music industry because of these things became the best chair for the music industry. Made from high quality components that last a life time, ergonomic positioning to do more work effectively, and a seat designed by each user in it for maximum comfort at long periods of time. 



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